Brona talerzowa-OKAZJA! Ducat-6

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Location67-100 Przyborów, PL
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Production Year2018
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Brony talerzowe o szerokości roboczej 5 i 6 metrów ,maszyna składana dopasowana do najczęściej spotykanych ciągników o mocy 150-250 kM Podstawowe Dane Techniczne : Szerokość robocza, m - 6,25 Moc ciągnika, KM - min 170 Sprzężenie z ciągnikiem - pół zawieszany Podstawowa waga, kg -4482 Liczba Talerzy - 50 Srednica Talerzy , mn - 566 Głębokość robocza, cm - 3-14 Prędkość robocza, km / h - 10...17 Wydajność, ha / h - max 7,73 Spalanie ,l/ha - 4,5.....5,5 Wymiary transportu (długość x szerokość x wysokość),mm - 5780х 3751х 3020 Compact disc harrows are used for stubble ploughing, mulch cover creation, shallow and normal basic cultivation, seedbed cultivation for cereals, industrial and forage crops, preparation of soil for winter crop sowing by cropped fallow. They shred and cover plant residues from previous crops and weed vegetation. These harrows are used for the improvement of meadows and pastures. In recent years, due to the herbicides application the purpose of stubble cultivation is covering of seeds fall and large quantity of stubble remains instead of weed control. During the application of minimum cultivation technologies there is a large quantity of non-chopped and non-uniformly distributed straw on the field. Traditional cultivators can not cope with such quantity of organic mass on the fields, fallen cereals, stubbles of rough crops, green manures. The DUCAT disc harrow is indispensable under such conditions. It provides intense placement of soil and plant material, especially during operations to a maximum depth of 12 cm. Design and position of working elements ensure high-quality seedbed cultivation that provides considerable expansion of application area for the compact disc harrow in agricultural production, growth of its annual utilization and economic efficiency of application. Alexey Grinenko, chief designer of the Ukrainian design bureau of transmissions and chassis (UKBTSH): “Having released Ducat -12 disc harrow we closed the wide gap between the 8-meter and 16-meter harrows, and thus offered to farmers a full line of disc harrows with working widths from 2.5 m to 16.75 m” For Ducat -12 we have developed a special system of folding side working frames, fundamentally different from the systems implemented in DLM-8 and DLM16. With the new solution, along with all the advantages of this series of units: highest performance, efficiency, adjustment to the field uneven surface, Ducat-12 is a compact machine (3m wide). It is essential that Ducat-12 can be integrated with the most widely used tractors with the capacity of 340- 450 h.p. • Number of discs - 98 pcs. • Disc diameter - 560 mm • Overload protection - 3D - protection • The distance between the disks in plan - 125 mm • Constructive width - 12.25 m • Operating speed - 12 - 20 km/h • Performance - 24 ha/h • Required tractor power - 340 hp and more • Tillage depth - 3-14 cm • Attachment to tractor - tow • Total weight - 11,000 kg • Fuel consumption - 4 l/ha
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CompanyAgromilka sp. z o.o.
First nameKacper
Last nameWieczorek
StreetNowosolska 71 Przyborów
CityNowa Sól
We speakPolski,Angielski,Niemiecki
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